Our system queries data for transaction matching. 

In your dashboard you will find a check register for your use. 

Please add each check you write that will show up on the bank statements.

NOTE: It is the customers responsibility to complete the check register during the month, without forgetting any check written. With or without accounting, this activity is a normal business function that must be adhered to. 

Each check number will be audited for sequential order.

For any reason a check is VOIDED, this voided check MUST be added to the check register.

Keep a check register for your business checking account. By making a check register, you see how much money is available to spend in your business checking account.

As a business owner, you need to know how to complete a check register. Record transactions in your check register

Update your check register each time you spend cash or write a check to ensure you have an accurate balance.

When filling out your check register, you must know all the details about the transaction, including things like the transaction amount, date of the transaction, and what it was for.

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To simplify a business owners daily tasks we suggest you pay bills from a special debit card and use checks as a last resort. Use this free service : https://ramp.com/bill-pay