It makes no sense for you to send us the electronic or paper invoices you bill during the month.


With your bank and credit card statements we see all the revenues you were paid during the month.

In the tab, Sales Invoices you will find a list:

  • Customers must check their bank account statement once a week.

When they notice payments from customers on their bank account, they must select the invoice row with the checkbox below, click the "paid" link above the table. Please do this for each payment.

Our accounting service will only be accurate when customers communicates these invoices as paid.

Note: It is very important your bookkeeper sees an accurate picture of the invoices that remain unpaid as of the end of the month. Please do not make any changes to paid or unpaid from dates the 1st to the 15th of the month - during the time your bookkeeping is being done for the prior month. - If you have questions open a support case at: