What if my books are all messed up?


Catch up Bookkeeping Involves:

  • Using Sharpedgedata systems  to manage your accounting
  • Adding in all of the accounts that are needed to make your records current. They include asset, expense, credit card and loans to build the balance sheet.
  • Data entry to capture all of the transactions for your accounts.
  • Reconciling the accounts to ensure total correctness
  • Preparing Financial Statements to guide your business to greater levels of prosperity.

We provide catch-up Bookkeeping for those who have fallen behind. It's very common and we've done catch up projects all the time. We love doing it!

The bookkeeper starts with your last business tax return.

The bookkeeper provides cleanup services that start from the date of your last business tax return through the end of the calendar month of first sign-up

You will be charged the annual price for your bookkeeping (prorated by months from your last business tax return) less 20%.

We can "clean" them up for a one-time flat fee!