How to get CSV files from your bank:

  1. Log into your online banking.
  2. Select the account you want to download a CSV for.
  3. Find a “view statements” or “view transaction history” or similar tab and click on it.
  4. Insert the date range we have asked you for.
  5. Make sure you select the CSV option as the "Output" or "Format"
  6. Save to your "desktop" and name the file with a unique name

 (many files with the same name can delete another)

The CSV file is compatible with most spreadsheet applications, including Excel, Numbers, and Google Spreadsheets. 

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TIP: A CSV file is one with Comma-Separated-Values. This is a common import file type to many accounting and financial software. When creating this export, select what character you would like to be placed between each value/column (delimiter). Then, when you go to import this, enter the same character as the delimiter and your software will automatically pull your information into proper rows and columns.