There are several ways to record your sales.

  • Invoices billed to your customers

You can use the Sharp Edge Data Invoice application that you can find on your Dashboard. Click tab “SALES INVOICES”.

  • Sales Register

If you do not use Sharp Edge Data Invoice application we accept your own Invoice or Sales register in Excel format that you can upload to Sharp Edge Data System. Select the tab “BUSINESS DATA” on your Dashboard. Next click “UPLOAD” tab and you will see the screen where you can select “ACCOUNT TYPE”. You will choose “Other” and next choose the file.

  • Other options

If you do not have an Invoice or Sales register you can find a template provided below with this article. It is available to download and save on your computer. With this template, you can track your Sales/Revenue data and payment status of Invoice. The information on this template supplies our team with a lot of data in order to make a transaction and create financial statements. Here is a brief overview of this template: you can select a type of product if you like to keep service and product revenue separately and write a description for your own record or it might help our team to make a correct transaction. You will see two columns colored in green. It means there are formulas and you do not need to type there. As you see here you can track your non-paid invoices and your total revenue.

  • Sales/Revenue collected by credit cards

If you are accepting credit cards payments for your services or products you should be able to download your merchant report in Excel or CSV file. Save this files and upload them to Sharp Edge Data system. On your dashboard go to tab “BUSINESS DATA”, next tab “UPLOAD”. Here you will be able to finalize the process.

  • Sales by Cash.

If you accept cash from your customers you can record each sale by cash using Sharp Edge Data application. Click on tab “SALES BY CASH” on your Dashboard.

You can upload in Sharp Edge Data sales data in Excel or CSV spreadsheet format, also any other documents required in any format. On your Dashboard click the tab "BUSINESS DATA", next select tab "UPLOAD". Here you will see the new screen where you will be able to choose the file and upload. 

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