We provide add-ons at an extra charge for:

  • Invoicing sent individually to your customers by email ... ( we provide the Invoicing app)
  • Accounts payable aging report once a month. .... (the Accounts Payable Aging Report will show you which Vendors have outstanding Bills that need to be paid.)
  • Accounts receivable and accounts payable aging report once a week.
  • Merchant account reconciliation report. 
  • Payroll report analysis
  • Fractional CFO Service

Pricing is available under your My Profile page, and based on volume associated with the basic package tiers. 

Some of these services can be free, if you have a bill.com account. 

Note: Payroll summary reports from your payroll outsourced vendor may be confusing. We can help with that too. Please contact us.

Inquire at support@sharpedgedata.freshdesk.com 

Business year end tax filing service