We send you a email for every payroll date. In this email is a link to a online form

  1. There you enter 8 or 9 financial amounts from your payroll report. ( DataTypes )
  2. Also enter the amount deducted from your bank account. 

Each payroll provider offers a "Payroll Register", "Payroll Summary" ( if you can't find it, call the customer support line of the provider and ask them where to find this)

  • When you see our form, there is items where we need the financial amounts, and these are found in the "Payroll register", "Payroll Summary" from your provider . (ADP, PayChex, Gusto, ect.)

Note: Optionally, you can download the "payroll register"  from YOUR PROVIDER to your desktop, and then upload this in our system by using our upload utility, select "other" 









In the payroll form you can enter additional rows. For each company this is different.

You may add rows for example:

  • Health insurance 
  • 401K contributions

You will see two fields. One is for description and the second is for amount